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Our leadership class equips any student, of any background, to achieve at peak levels.


“The tools given to me are ones that will stay with me forever and will also help me reach my absolute potential.” - Lauren, High School Sophomore

Mawi Learning has partnered with Florida Virtual School to create Leadership Skills Development. The class:

Covers all the essential leadership skills necessary for success, including time management, conflict resolution, personal responsibility, goal-setting, and more. Offers depth and flexibility. It can be taught as a 2-semester class, one semester class, or by any unit. It can be taught online or blended. Is aligned with Common Core standards and taught for credit across the state of Florida and in districts nationwide to students grades 8-12.
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“In a short period of time I have witnessed students make transformations in their lives.” - Cristy Walker, Dean of Lincoln Park High School

Any school district worldwide can offer Leadership Skills to their students.

Flexible Models: You can use your LMS and teachers or use ours. Teacher Training: We train your teachers for success. Proven Impact: Leadership Skills has already garnered rave reviews from students nationwide.
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“The skills and traits that Mawi Learning helped me develop were huge factors in my acceptance to Harvard, and will help any student reach his/her goals in their education, work lives, and future.” - Kevin Hu, Harvard Sophomore

We are offering two summer academies, where our specially- trained instructors will guide your students through Leadership Skills and equip your students for success, regardless of their starting point. Any student with Internet access can enroll.

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“I will use the course for the rest of my life to keep making my life better! Thank you so much!” -Amber

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